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Online Choir

No need to read music, no need to get close to sick people. If you have a smart phone, earbuds and a quiet place to record you have everything you need to be part of our online choir.

Music is too important to be left in the hands of professionals

In the choir we have music to blend voices into a beautiful sound, words to share the power of the gospel, and rhythm to tie it all together. What better form of worship leadership could there be?


  • Glorify God

  • Connect with Christians near and far in a new and beautiful way

  • Alleviate boredom

  • Because music is far too important to be left in the hands of professionals


  • Download any or all of the files you need right here

  • Most smartphones have a voice recorder (or you can download a free one from the app store)

  • Play your downloaded track(s) through earbuds and record your voice on your phone, tablet or computer. (earbuds ensure only your voice is recorded so I can mix it with everyone else's)

  • Share your track via email to or hit the email button at the bottom of this page to email me your result (We will not spam you or sell your information)

  • That's it! Easy-Peasy

This page is an ongoing project and will be regularly updated. This should get most of you started though. I have some ladies working on recording the soprano and alto parts so you don't have to hear me sing like a girl! Email here with questions or ideas.

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