Important Foundational stuff you should know:

  • The name of the choir is Worship Support

  • The purpose of Worship Support is to lead others in worship.

  • Our primary goal is to escort worshipers into the presence of God.

  • We will sing from the congregation, shoulder to shoulder with those we lead.

  • We will practice worshiping as well as music at every rehearsal.

Handy-Dandy guide to using the rehearsal function of Planning Center

How to practice from your computer

How to practice from your smartphone

What to Expect

Sunday Worship:

  1. We will meet ahead of the service to warm up together. That is adjustable depending on how many of us wish to be in a Sunday School class before the service.

  2. We will sit placed strategically throughout the sanctuary. You are welcome (encouraged) to sit with your families. Ideally I'd like 2, 3 or 4 of you seated near one another to help support each other vocally as well as the congregation

  3. The majority of our songs we will sing standing with the congregation, leading them in singing as well.

  4. There are a few songs planned which would be considered more "presentational" than "leading". For example, I've scheduled an arrangement of He Reigns by the Newsboys for early October. We will seek soloists to lead the verses from the front, the rest of us will sing the chorus and support parts from the congregation. We will not stand and sing while everyone sits. We will simply sing from where we're seated. The words will be on screen, and I certainly hope some of the congregation joins the singing, but the format will (hopefully) be worshipful and engaging whether people sing or not.

  5. There is a good variety of traditional hymns, contemporary praise songs, and odd beasts in between. This is intentional and will be our standard fare for the foreseeable future. There is far too much wealth of poetry and beauty to limit ourselves to a single means of expression.

  6. Praise band as well as organ/piano will accompany, in various combinations.

  7. If you attend rehearsals on Wednesdays you will always be prepared for Sundays.

Wednesday Rehearsals:

  1. We will not be learning parts during rehearsal. There is sheet music as well as individual voice part practice tracks for every song we will sing. Whether you read music or not, these tools are available for you to learn your parts with ease and at your own pace. This way we won't go too fast for those who aren't confident reading music, nor too slow for those who are strong sight readers.

  2. I will have a rehearsal outline posted on Planning Center and the church website beforehand so you will know what to expect.

  3. We will spend time working on our group sound; vocal production, breath support, posture, tone, diction, dynamics, etc.

  4. We will spend a lot of time singing

  5. We will spend time in God's Word

  6. We will spend time in worship

  7. I am doing my best to make each rehearsal meaningful, impactful, useful and worth the time you are committing. 

  8. Phones are not only allowed but encouraged. Take photos, video, send invitations, post content on social media. Use #covechoir so we can share your posts!

  9. Each rehearsal is open to any and everyone who would like to come. Invite family, friends, church members. We will work on all the things mentioned above, but the entire point of this program is to equip our worship leaders (and worshipers) to make the most of our limited time together in God's presence on Sunday mornings.


If any of these things don't make sense, or if you have any questions, please text or email me so I can address your concerns!

Ben Nichols - 517.366.9635