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What to Expect

Sunday Worship:

  1. We generally sing the last Sunday of each month.

  2. We meet before the service at 9:30 to warm up together.

  3. We sit in chairs on the right side of the stage and come down before the sermon.

  4. There is no particular dress code, come as you are.

  5. Praise band as well as organ/piano will accompany, in various combinations.

  6. If you attend rehearsals on Wednesdays you will always be prepared for Sundays.

Wednesday Rehearsals:

  1. There is sheet music as well as individual voice part practice tracks for every song we will sing. Whether you read music or not, these tools are available for you to learn your parts with ease and at your own pace.

  2. I will have a rehearsal outline posted on Planning Center beforehand so you will know what to expect.

  3. We will spend time working on our group sound; vocal production, breath support, posture, tone, diction, dynamics, etc.

  4. We will spend a lot of time singing

  5. I do my best to make each rehearsal useful and worth the time you are committing. 

  6. Phones are encouraged. Take photos, video, send invitations, post content on social media. Use #covechoir so we can share your posts!

  7. Each rehearsal is open to any and every female who would like to come. Invite family, friends, church members. 


If any of these things don't make sense, or if you have any questions, please email me so I can address your concerns!

Ben Nichols

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