July 19th - 23rd

9:30am - 12:30pm

Friday Finale @ 7pm


SAVE THE DATES - We're back on track!!

Kids' lives are unpredictable, filled with ups and downs, drops and dips, and twists and turns.  Life can sometimes feel out of control and off track.  Kids are still learning to process all the changes that life can throw at us.  Rocky Railway VBS is intentionally designed to show kids the power of Jesus -- something they can count on to pull them through when life doesn't feel so fun or adventurous.  At Rocky Railway, kids will deepen their friendship with Jesus, who empowers them to boldly face life's challenges!  In this transformational program, each station is designed to reinforce the daily Bible Point in a hands-on, interactive way so that they will go away more equipped for their daily challenges.  Here are the truths they will be learning:

DAY 1:

Jesus' power helps us do hard things.

DAY 2:

Jesus' power gives us hope.

DAY 3:

Jesus' power helps us be bold.

DAY 4:

Jesus' power lets us live forever.

DAY 5:

Jesus' power helps us be good friends.


Speaking of life being unpredictable, filled with ups and downs, drops and dips, and twists and turns…ENTER 2020 with the CORONAVIRUS and BOOM!! our train was derailed.  For most, life right now still feels a bit out of control and off-track and it is more important than ever to help our kids process these changes as we do the same.



So, even though we chose to delay the 5-day journey through the mountains until this summer, God has a way of turning negative events into positive ones for those that love Him.  Though we were all disappointed to have our plans derailed last summer, we are now embracing this opportunity to prepare for this ROCKY RAILWAY of life that we are all traveling together.  God's people at 5290 Milwaukee Road believe it is important to stay connected to the youth and to help equip them for the years ahead so we are excited to help them survive and thrive through this present and future journey by sharing that, when we rely on Him,



WHO?        Registration is for kids no younger than age 4 up to those going into 6th grade.

WHEN?       Registration begins June 1st and runs through July 19th. Early registration is encouraged to aid with planning.

WHERE?     Online at this link

HOW?         Follow the instructions provided at the above link.

COST?        Preferred donation of $15/child. If this is a hardship, it will be our treat!

Payment Options: Online at the above link or by Cash or Check in person or by mail (checks payable to Covenant EPC)

Register Here


ROCKY RAILWAY SUPPLY SACKS containing pertinent information, music CD, Train Ticket, etc. were given out last summer at our PREVIEW EVENT. If you did not receive one, be sure to let us know and we will put one together for your child/ren.


Due to the nature of the VBS experience, there will be no social distancing and mask-wearing will be optional. Hand-sanitizing stations will be available and general cleanliness will be followed.

For further information, contact JULIE SCHILLER at 517-750-7494 or MISchillers@comcast.net.

We look forward to exploring God/s Word with your young ones!!