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  • When life feels dark, shine Jesus’ light! (John 8:12)

  • When people don’t get along, shine Jesus’ light! (Romans 12:16)

  • When good things happen, shine Jesus’ light! (Psalm 100:1)

  • When people are sad, shine Jesus’ light! (John 14:1)

  • When people need help, shine Jesus’ light! (Matthew 5:16)

As soon as we know dates, we’ll post them so that we can plan our other events around this important community outreach.

Extremely Grateful,

Julie Schiller

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Dear Monumental Staff and Supporters,

We truly had a monumental week celebrating God’s greatness with 73 young adventurers and over 40 staff members. Each day’s lessons and activities reinforced the truths that God loves us no matter what, God is with us everywhere, God is in charge, God is stronger than anything, and God is surprising.   Those were seeds planted.

During that week, Pastor Richard inquired of his classes what their God-sightings were thus far in their Monumental experience.  That question gives us insight into how they are recognizing God in their surroundings and can be very enlightening.  Once that week is over, I also like to reflect on my own God-sightings in relation to the VBS week and I’d like to share some of those with you:

  • God is always faithful to provide the appropriate help as needed whether or not I recognize that need ahead of time or not.

  • God unifies the Body of Christ by bringing together Jesus believers from congregations around our local communities for this common purpose of impacting these young hearts to carry the Church into the future.

  • God convicts us of wrong attitudes and/or responses to situations and nudges our hearts to quick reconciliation.

  • God desires for us to share and distribute His Word to those in need by inspiring the hearts of some to donate Bibles to thirsty minds.  We were able to give out almost 50 new Bibles to kids this year!

  • God touched one 3rd grader’s heart so much that she bravely requested an opportunity to give a speech to God at Friday night’s closing musical.  You know that brought some tears!

  • God prompted some participants to ask about how much work was put into the VBS program as they recognized how complex it was.  I can’t help but think they feel very loved by the investments we all put into VBS for them.

  • God’s heart was evident in the tweens and teens that returned to serve in VBS now that they have aged out.

  • God was seen in the servant-minded leadership throughout the week.  No one was above fixing toilets or aiding in the take-down of VBS and the set-up of the Back Pack Blow-out.  There were many offers of help.  Thank you!


VBS is a powerful program that delivers God’s truths to our younger generation and requires a lot of preparation, networking, flexibility, teamwork and fruit of the Holy Spirit.  When it functions properly, it is a beautiful manifestation of what I believe God intended His family to be – people working together interdependently with a spirit of love and purpose towards a common goal.  You were that family as you allowed Him to work through you.  


Please know how much each of you is appreciated – not just the workers of the week, but also the other people of Covenant and the community who supported this program through donations, prayer, and supplemental man-power when it was needed.  You all were my God-sightings throughout the process!  We are impacting people – young, old, and in-between, whether we realize it or not.  If you plan to help next summer, here is what you’ll have to look forward to:

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