July 22nd - 26th

9:30am - 12:30pm

Friday Finale @ 7pm

Kids discover that God is good through all of life’s challenges. Life is wild for kids –full of ups and downs and
twists and turns. It can often feel chaotic and out of control. At ROAR, kids experience the solid foundation of
God’s goodness – something they can stand on, cling to, hold, and remember when the wild side of life doesn’t
feel so fun or adventurous. Kids will deepen their friendship with a mighty, loving, and good, good God who
empowers them to boldly face life challenges. In this transformational program, each station is designed to
reinforce the daily Bible Point in a hands-on, interactive way so that they will go away more equipped for their
daily challenges. Here are the truths they will be learning:

DAY 1:

When life is unfair... God is good!

DAY 2:

When life is scary... God is good!

DAY 3:

When life changes... God is good!

DAY 4:

When life is sad... God is good!

DAY 5:

When life is good... God is good!



Registration begins July 1st and runs through July 21st. Early registration is encouraged to aid with planning.


Registration will take place at Covenant Church 5290 Milwaukee Rd., Tecumseh during open office hours.  (517-301-4602)


Fill out a form, sign your consent for use of photos, make a payment, and pick up a Goodie Sack! (Forms also printable at www.TecumsehCove.org)


Registration is for kids no younger than age 4 up to those going into 6th grade.


Registration is $15 per child and no more than $30 per family.

(If cost is an issue, mark "E" for Exempt on the form.)
(Checks payable to:  Covenant EPC)


Upon registration, each young adventurer will receive a ROAR GOODIE SACK containing pertinent information,
music CD, T-shirt iron-on, etc.  Please be sure to grab them so the kids can begin learning their songs.

If you or a young family member who has aged out of VBS would like to help out, VOLUNTEER FORMS are

available at the registration table or printable here

For further information, contact JULIE SCHILLER at 517-750-7494 or MISchillers@comcast.net.


We look forward to exploring God's Word with your young ones!!

| Sundays at 8:30 & 11am | Sunday School at 9:45 |
5290 Milwaukee Rd, Tecumseh MI 49286 
contactthecove@gmail.com | 517.301.4602
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