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Upcoming Small Group Ministry information 2019/2020

Covenant small groups have been on a spiritual growth journey over the last 4 years or so through the use of unified studies and individual studies to prepare us for open doors and open hearts to people in need within our own gathering and within our communities. This coming fall, I feel called to do back-to-back unified studies because they are important topics that tie in so well together. Below is what God has placed on my heart for the fall of 2019 and into 2020:

MID-SEPTEMBER thru MID-NOVEMBER 2019 (8 sessions)

THE REAL GOD: How He Longs for You to See Him – Chip Ingram

FEBRUARY / MARCH / APRIL 2020 (12 sessions)


In my own personal conversations with people, I have found that many are grappling with their relationship with God, with others, and with belief systems. When we start to delve deep, it often comes down to a lack of knowledge and understanding about who God is and what His Word reveals about Him. Through THE REAL GOD study, we will see through scripture what God’s true character is and what His attributes are so that, if needed, we can begin to revamp our preconceived ideas about Him that have been developed over time through abusive or unhealthy earthly father relationships, lack of or incorrect Biblical teaching, strong worldly influences, or our own desire to create God in our own image. The 8 sessions will cover:

  • Seeking God