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The Learning Cove - Update from Annual Report

It's hard to believe that The Learning Cove is well into its third year already. At the end of last school year, we 'graduated' a number of students and started this school year with only five learners. We are now at fifteen! Each Wednesday, when we walk back from Compass to our space in the Annex, we make quite a parade!

Our reading specialist, Sue Sabourin, and Kathy Smith, who has become an invaluable liaison to the schools since her retirement from teaching, work very closely with the school staff to identify students and to make sure that what we are doing is supplemental and valuable to what is being done in the classroom. Between them they have identified a vast library of resources that our coaches use to make the hour they spend with their student productive - and fun.

Going from five to fifteen students has been a challenge. Space limitations meant we had to start a second session at 5:30. But our biggest challenge has been finding coaches and substitute coaches. I wish you could see how our coaches interact with these children and the bonds they form. It is so rewarding to watch them work together. The majority of our coaches do not have any background in teaching. They just want to help kids. The training is minimal and coaching requires about 90 minutes a week - perhaps a half hour before-and-after prep and 60 minutes spent with a child.