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But I Can't Sing!

A common objection I hear when I invite someone to join the choir is: I'd love to, but I can't sing.

That should never stop you from singing!

In truth, most people can sing, just as most people can walk, most people can write and most people can brush their teeth. The difference I've found is one of practice and confidence.

If you were to stop walking for a year, it would be difficult to summon the confidence to get up and run to the fridge to get yourself a cold, frothy glass of milk*. Understandably so, because you wouldn't have used the requisite muscle movements and balancing skills for so long, you would be uncertain you could still do it. But you could! You could carefully - and with help - get off the couch, walk to the fridge and pour yourself the best darn glass of milk you've ever had.

Silly illustration, I know, but if you don't sing on a regular basis it can feel like that. Even if you sang in choir in school, having spent time not singing in front of people can make it intimidating. Thus the safe response is "I can't sing."

You can sing. You just need a little practice and a little help.

That's where the choir comes in!