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Christ Is Risen!

April 20, 2022

Leadership Notes

What a glorious morning of worship we had on Easter Sunday. From the music to placing flowers on the empty cross, we were engaged with joyous celebration. Plus, the light dusting of snow held off until Monday! How sweet was that?

R.C. Sproul once observed, "Why do bad things happen to good people? That only happened once, and He volunteered." The empty tomb on Easter morning was the seal of God's acceptance that Jesus' death on the cross paid the price for our sin. Jesus took God's wrath for our sin on himself. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Easter at Covenant Church was a wonderful, worshipful day. It was fresh, simple, and honest. What more could we do?

Some churches incorporate Easter egg hunts into their holiday celebrations. It is so disconcerting. Some hold them offsite where children and parents search for eggs hidden throughout the community. Some churches have dropped eggs from hot air balloons, included fireworks, and one church even shot people out of cannons. I once read about a church that quit doing egg hunts because they had turned into such an avaricious

scramble for free stuff. Yikes.

One church leader says they are trying to "make fun Easter memories for families." Another one, in New Jersey, boasts that with over 100,000 eggs hidden, they held the largest Easter egg hunt in their state. Another church hands out admission tickets to their egg hunt during worship. After the worship service, they then go out for a ten-minute search for treats. They hope to create fun memories together and help people "find a forever friend in Jesus." Just typing that kind of makes my stomach hurt.

The only remedy for such nonsense is this from Charles Spurgeon: