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My Dad used to caution myself and my siblings against pointing fingers at each other by reminding us that when we point a finger at someone, there are always three fingers pointing back at us. Some of you may have grown up with that same caution. Little did I know at the time that it was another way of expressing a Biblical principle many are familiar with – the plank and the speck. This is a principle that will be explored in the up-coming unified SMALL GROUP MINISTRY study in September entitled:

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This Andy Stanley study dates back to 2011, yet it is incredibly relevant to what we are experiencing 11 years later as a nation today. Here’s a glimpse into what I mean as we read the DVD jacket cover:

"Unemployment is up. Stocks are down. And everybody’s pointing fingers.

If you are like most Americans, you’re wondering what’s going on in Washington. And you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do while you wait for somebody to fix things.

Well, here’s an idea.

What if we don’t wait around for somebody else? What if we go ahead and start fixing it ourselves? What if “We the People” tried to get this country on the road to recovery?

Sound like a good idea?

Then you’re ready for RECOVERY ROAD."


This DVD, along with study questions, will be coupled with Andy’s current book NOT IN IT TO WIN IT: WHY CHOOSING SIDES SIDELINES THE CHURCH as we reflect on the state of our nation and world and what we can do about it. View book trailer and/or purchase book here.

A common question on our minds is: What does the call on the Body of Christ look like at this unique time of His-story? Let’s join forces and address this very question as we introspectively consider our part to play in the road to recovery.

We may not all agree on what Andy presents in this DVD and/or book, but I’d like to present what one reviewer shares:

“I believe the issues Andy raises in this book are the most pressing questions facing the church right now, and they get at the heart of the Great Commission itself. I invite you to wrestle with them thoughtfully and prayerfully, as I have. If we are to represent Jesus in this generation, we must be people full of grace and truth, and that is no small challenge. Even in places where you come to different conclusions than Andy, you’ll be richer for having wrestled through these issues.” J.D. GREEAR, pastor of The Summit Church

Following this study, we will be investigating the topic of THE HOLY SPIRIT. More information will follow for both studies so be sure to watch the SGM bulletin board, website, and other announcement venues.

Prayerfully consider joining us this fall? Come and see…    |    Julie Schiller    |    517-750-7494

SGM is a ministry in which we encourage and guide one another in our walk towards becoming more like Christ for the purpose of drawing others into a saving relationship with Christ. We have a great library available with wonderful resources to aid in your discipleship journey. Come and see!

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