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Worship Arts ministry opportunities

I was recently asked what opportunities other than singing there are in the Worship Arts ministry of Covenant church. Here's a list of ways to get involved.


Whether you use a five thousand dollar RED camera, an iPhone or an old Polaroid; if you love grabbing candid shots, consider using that talent at church events. We are always eager for homegrown content to use in our social media, website and internal stock photography. Just remember, as in professional photography, excellence matters "all killer, no filler".


Original artwork for the church (subject to approval, we won't display divisive subject matter) Artwork (any visual medium) that can be digitized to use for slides, sermons, web content, etc.


Prose and/or poetry for the church blog or to be used in worship. (these do not need to be directly church related, but they should be appropriate.)


Original music is always encouraged. If you have a song you've written, or are interested in collaborating, let me know.


We are looking to do more dramatic elements (readings, skits, monologues, etc.) either live or on video and will need performers. Also, consider the upcoming Not Really Radio Comedy Show.

Event Planners

Help with planning, decorating and/or facilitating special services or events (Testify, Concerts, Cookie Walk, etc.)

Graphic Artists

Creating slides, graphics and digital content for sermons, announcements and website

Plus, we're open to exploring and facilitating new artistic expressions that we have nor used before.

Contact Ben Nichols for more information. Text 517.366.9635 or email

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