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With Eyes on the Goal of Joy and Happiness

September 29, 2021

Leadership Notes

Usually on Saturday, in preparation for Sunday worship, I like to find something to read that's inspiring, especially if it speaks, either directly or indirectly, to what we do on Sunday morning. Here's what I shared last Sunday from Steven Lawson:

"Grace has raised us up from the depths of sin to being seated with Christ

in heavenly places."

One of the primary things about worship is it gives us a glimpse, however imperfect, of what heaven will be like. It is our opportunity, together with other followers of Jesus Christ, through song and prayer, to glorify God. We hear of his grace and mercy through the reading and sharing of His Word. Worship puts us in touch with His greatness. And worship is the time when we separate ourselves from the sin, cares, and fallenness of this broken world as our hearts and minds are drawn to thoughts of spending eternity with Jesus. It is not escapism. It is a window into a reality beyond this present age. Worship lifts us up and out of darkness.

Sometimes I wonder if we are living through a new Dark Ages. If we are, what a great time in which to be a follower of Jesus Christ. During times of trouble, turmoil, and tumult, we get to be fearless and unafraid. It's a win/win…we have the assurance of transformed lives in Christ plus we get to glorify God no matter what happens in life. As I type these thoughts, the song "Blessed be the Name of the Lord" is playing on Pandora.

It can be a crazy, mixed-up world. Rather than seeking refuge from it, we need to be salt and light. So, as we live and love in our little corner of God's world, we can bring gospel hope and confidence to fill the dark places.