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We Live For His Glory Because of His Gift of Grace in Christ

September 8, 2021

Leadership Notes

As requested, here's what I shared from John Mason @LivingGod'sTruth:

God doesn't need our praise. He's God with or without it. God

doesn't need our obedience. He's glorified with or without it.

The worst thing you can do is believe your good works will earn

God's favor and acceptance.

We live for His glory because of His gift of grace in Christ.

I shared this at the start of worship because it is Biblical truth, and because it reflects what we're learning from Paul's letter to the Galatians. This past Sunday, 115 people gathered for worship. It was a beautiful morning. I'm reminded of what Dietrich Bonhoeffer said about worship:

"The physical presence of other believers is a source of incomparable joy

and strength to the believer."