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Unleashed [5-1-22]

Our world faces inevitable death. Science makes its best prediction as to when the sun will burn out. The Bible spoke of the end of the world before anyone knew what science was. What we know for certain is that sin will continue to take its devastating toll on everything God created and called good.

In our lifetimes, one of two things will happen. They fall under the category of inevitability:

  • We will see Jesus face-to-face when our lives here on earth come to an end.

  • Or we will see Jesus face-to-face when he brings history to an end.

Both outcomes, for those called by God to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ, are not to be feared.

Revelation 6 gives us a glimpse of how the world will end. The first eight

verses introduce us to the ubiquitous "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." While John doesn't call them that, at some point, someone did and the name stuck. They are the most widely recognized symbols of the book of Revelation. And, it must be added, the most likely to be misunderstood and/or misinterpreted.

Before we jump on the first horse and its meaning, there's something we need to remember. Regardless of how or when or where our lives end, The Revelation to John calls us to remain steadfast in our walk with Jesus Christ. Bad things will happen to discourage us and good things will happen