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Trust God Along the Way

August 11, 2021

Leadership Notes

Greetings to the wonderful people of Covenant Church. As imperfect as we are, we are striving to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, with each other, and our understanding of how God has called us to serve him in our little corner of His beautiful world. It's been humid…yes! It's been hot…yes! But God's creation is a beautiful place, filled with wonders and challenges too numerous to list. Every day, when I step out into this glorious place we call southern Michigan, I do not cease to thank God for the life I have, right here, right now.

Some of you have asked for the words spoken by Sydney McLaughlin, 22-year-old Olympic gold medal winner in the 400 meter hurdles and current world record holder. These were shared before our prayer time last Sunday. She wrote:

My faith has been tested all week. From bad practices, to 3 false start

delays, to a meet delay. I just keep hearing God say, "Just focus on me." It

was the best race plan I could have ever assembled. I no longer run for

self-recognition, but to reflect His perfect will that is already set in stone. I

don't deserve anything. But by grace, through faith, Jesus has given me

everything. Records come and go. The glory of God is eternal. Thank you


Would that I had such maturity at that age.