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Things Will Get Better

June 3, 2020

Leadership Notes

My wife and I have been jigsaw puzzling throughout this quarantine. It is great fun and therapy. Most people, when they do a jigsaw puzzle, start with the border. It makes sense to set the frame before moving on to the inside parts.

As if 2020 weren't bad enough, what with the pandemic and quarantine, with the murder of a handcuffed and unarmed man, there is the concomitant rioting and lawlessness. While recent events break our hearts, they should not surprise us. Human life is peppered by what we've been looking at in the last few weeks as we've tackled Paul's thoughts on sin and redemption in his letter to the Romans. These things happen within the context of sin. Human depravity is on display in our broken and fallen world.

Sometimes, in order to better understand something, it's helpful to examine their separate pieces. Isolate the parts from the whole.

In no particular order {of size or importance}:

  • There are toxic people in every profession. Change happens when good people do something. If you're unwilling to root out the bad apples, you're part of the problem.

  • Bad police officers are equal opportunity abusers.

  • Roland G. Fryer, Jr., professor of economics at Harvard University, did a study of police shootings. He found that racial bias does not appear to be a factor with regard to police using lethal force.

  • What Fryer did find is that police were more likely to use non-lethal force minority civilians, even in situations where the person stopped was compliant.

  • There is a take-away from Fryer's re