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The Trial [1-26-20]

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

January 26, 2020

"The Trial"

Here's where we left off two weeks ago. We're moving from Jesus' arrest in Gethsemane, heading toward his trial. We saw how, in the garden, Peter acted rashly toward a guard. He cut off the man's right ear. In his rebuke of Peter, Jesus saved Peter from himself. And as we're going to see later, he would have done the same for Judas, if Judas would have let him. Jesus has a way of saving us from ourselves. That's who we see here in John 18. Jesus is Lord. Jesus Christ is the Lord. And every day we have a decision to make. Are we going to let Jesus decide what he wants for us or are we going to decide what we want for us? Every day we have to decide that. Is it Jesus' way or my way?

There are three teachable moments from what happened when Jesus was arrested.

First, who do we look to for power? That's a decision we have to make every day. Do I look to my own strength? Do I look to somebody else's

strength? Do I look to money? Where do I look for power in my life? This moment teaches us that there's power in Jesus' name. Did you catch what happened when the guard's ear was lopped off? Neither the soldiers nor their commander intervened. They deferred to Jesus. He spoke and had command of the situation.

Second, who or what do we allow to command us? That's a decision we face every day. Sometimes we listen to the wrong commands. We let the wrong things order us around. One of my favorites is "follow your heart." Really? The heart can be deceitful. No wonder sometimes we feel beat up at the end of the day. We're following the wrong commands. It happens to all of us. But praise God He forgives us and gives us new direction in life.

Third, who do we look to for protection? Of course, there are practical things, like insurance and locks on your doors and seatbelts, among many more. I'm talking about protection from sin and death. I'm talking about protection from worry and hopelessness. I'm talking about protection from doubt and despair. Jesus Christ, and him alone can protect us against things that torment the mind and spirit. You can't buy insurance to guard

your inner treasures. Only Jesus can do that.

There is power and protection and command in the voice of Jesus. That's what we saw happening in the garden.