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The Sure Salvation of the Saints [12-11-22]

December 11, 2022

2 Thessalonians 2:9-17

"The Sure Salvation of the Saints"

It has always interested me to see non-believers celebrate Christmas. Not in a critical or negative way, but more like a curious way. Beyond the materialism most of us get caught up in…which seems a bit cliché to even mention in passing…there is a beauty and joy surrounding Christmas which resonates with people. There's something about Christmas that can brighten even the most sin-sick soul.

But after Christmas, then what? Churches get bumps in worship attendance, especially Christmas Eve, but after Christmas the bump flattens. Interesting. What remains is the attraction many people have to the idea of Christmas. A baby in a manger, shepherds, angels, and beautiful music are all very attractive. But then, what?

You and I know there's more to Christmas than its Americanized version

and vision. Devoted followers of Jesus Christ see Christmas as one stop on

their ongoing growth in faith and devotion. The time from t