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The Letter to the Church at Thyatira

March 9, 2022

Leadership Notes

Revelation 2:18-29


Of the seven letters to seven churches, five of them identify serious problems that Jesus addresses, and serious warnings, and even threats that come from him. Let that settle there for a moment.

This week's letter is to the church at Thyatira. Life was not all good for them. In a contemporary application, the situation is equally as dangerous for any church or denomination that is not Right-to-Life. Any church that mirrors cultural values is hard-pressed to say they uphold Biblical teachings and values.

Antinomianism has been a point of doctrinal contention in the history of Christianity. We believe in justification through faith alone by grace alone through Christ alone rather than justification based on good works or acts of merit or works of mercy. Salvation does not depend on good works. Rather, salvation produces good works.

Martin Luther talked about antinomianism. Some say he coined the term. What he meant was that Christians are obligated to keep the commands of Christ and the moral laws, as outlined by the 10 Commandments and "Love the Lord your God with all…and your neighbor as yourself." Other Old Testament civil laws or ceremonial laws are not applicable or relevant.

Someone once said, "The Gospel proclaims liberty from the ceremonial law, but binds you still fas