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The Armor of God - A Conversation

I was told to report to you for my armor?

Excellent! Head into prayer room one, there's a set waiting specifically for you. Go try it on and I'll help you understand how it works.

Okay, it's on. I have some concerns though.

Such as?

The belt of Truth is tight.

It may sometimes be uncomfortable but there is no room for falsehood in the Truth of Jesus.

The breastplate of Righteousness looks unfamiliar, I don’t think it's mine. I'm certain it won't fit me.

It isn’t your righteousness, you don't have any. it’s the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  It doesn’t fit on you, you fit in it.

These boots of Peace are heavy. How will I escape the enemy? I can't run in these!

You aren’t supposed to run, you’re supposed to stand. These boots are specially designed with find a solid foundation absolutely anywhere. Regardless of the terrain you can be at peace knowing that your footing is sure.

The shield of faith is immovable.  If it can’t be moved, how will it protect me from anything?

It isn’t supposed to protect you from anything, it’s to protect you in everything. You may be attacked by foes much larger and stronger than you. You may suffer through storms and artillery fire. Cling to this shield and you will find it unbreakable.

The helmet of salvation falls over my eyes, and it has someone else's name in it. Jesus Christ. You've mentioned Him before. I know He's my Lord and Savior, but this helmet won't work. When I put it on all I can see is Jesus Christ.

Perfect, keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and you will never miss. By the way, it's no mistake that you keep coming up with Jesus Christ. Every piece of this armor comes from Him.

What about this Sword of the Spirit? Why do you call it a Sword? It's a book.

That, my fine soldier, is the most powerful weapon in all of creation. The book is merely the sheath, the sword is inside and must drawn out. Be aware, it is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword.  Learn it and obey it, and know that it will cut you as easily as it cuts the enemy.

My own weapon is going to cut me?

Yes, but only as a surgeon cuts out a tumor. It is a weapon of war against the enemy. Even if that enemy is within you. Don't fear it, let it do its work.

How am I supposed to swing it?

Learn it, know it and allow it to pierce your heart. You will find it swings itself. For your part, remember the strongest sword arm is prayer.  Constant prayer.

I am armored, so why do I still feel afraid?

Did you put on the undergarment?


If you wear the armor over nothing it chafes and pinches and doesn't fit right. It's important to put on the undergarment.

What's the undergarment?

Love. Love is the most excellent way. Perfect love casts out fear. If the armor is to work correctly it must be put on with love.

So I'll put on the undergarment. But what if I'm still afraid?

Fear not, this armor was made for you by God Himself. He doesn't make mistakes. It is made to protect you; even now, even though it is ill fitting. As you grow in Christ you will grow into your armor. Everything about it draws you closer to God Himself through His Son Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Which is a good thing. For if God is with you, then truly, who or what in all creation can stand against you?

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
02 avr. 2019

Nicely written, Ben. You know how to express God's Word in a very personal way. Truly one of your spiritual gifts.

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