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That Don't Make No Sense, Neither

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

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Here's a brief recap from last week. Hagar was a servant of Sarah. Sarah and Abraham were really old. Sarah arranged for Abraham to father a child through Hagar. In other words, Sarah and Abraham went rogue. God had promised children for them, but they were done waiting. They didn't trust God's plan, so they did their own thing. Here's a Biblical principle we looked at:


Hagar was pregnant. She was banished by Sarah. So Hagar left a horrible situation. But God determined to send her back there. She had to face Sarah again. She didn't know if the dynamics would get better or worse. But God gave her a promise. Your child will birth a great nation because it is Abraham's seed. So go back and submit to Sarah.

And that's where we ended. Hagar turned around. She went back. She made things right. She served in the dysfunctional household. She had the baby. And she named him "Ishmael," which means "God sees you." Hagar named the baby Ishmael.

So Hagar had Ishmael. Ishmael grew up in that household. For years Abraham treated Ishmael as his one and only son. For years, Abraham had it in his mind that Ishmael was going to carry on God's promise to make Abraham the father of many nations. For years Hagar had happy thoughts of her son's future, heir to Abraham and God's promise.

If you remember your Bible stories, you know what happened next. Sarah conceived. Next to the virgin birth, this was the most miraculous conception in the Bible. Sarah was in her 90s. Not only was the pregnancy a surprise to Sarah, it also threw Hagar for a loop. She thought things were settled. Now that Sarah was pregnant, there was no way Ishmael was going to be the heir-apparent. Sarah was pregnant with the promise God gave to Abraham and Sarah.

So Sarah had a baby. They named him "Isaac," which means he laughs/will laugh because Abraham laughed when told he and Sarah would have a child. The irony isn't lost on us as we learn that Ishmael, when we was a teenager, made fun of young Isaac. He laughed at him.

Ishmael laughed at Isaac and Sarah saw it. She saw her opportunity to drive a wedge between Abraham and his surrogate family. So she went to Abraham and said these two have got to go. She didn't care what Abraham did. She simply wanted him to make them go away.