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That Don't Make No Sense [10-20-19]

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

They are all around us. We see signs…we hear people say things…there are things we say or do, and our first reaction is none of those things make sense. My favorite way to put it is, "That don't make no sense." Here are a few examples:

Those things are funny. At least, I find them funny. They don't make sense and they're funny. Some things that don't make sense aren't so funny. Every one of us goes through difficulties. We all have obstacles in our lives. Some of the problems we face are far from funny. We call them things like personal storms. Personal struggles. Whatever we call them, we all go through them. While I'm not the brightest bulb in the drawer, here's one thing I'm certain of - You are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or heading for a storm. That's life. Not very encouraging, but that's the way it is. We're not skipping our way through a land of unicorns and rainbows. We're real people in real life facing real problems. Storms are a part of life. We all have our miserable moments. There I go with my positivity. But you can't Joel Osteen your way out of the inescapable misery that is sometimes life.

Some of the storms in my life have been ones I've created. Others, while I didn't start them, I helped them intensify by either certain action or inaction. Some storms I willingly invited into my life. Other storms are the result of the wickedness of others.