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Sunday, July 14, 2019 was cool

A lot of cool things happened during worship. 

  • We worshipped outdoors for the first time in our new home.

  • We hosted another band (the Soulbacks) who melded with us during worship.

  • In Pastor Richard's absence (he was on vacation) we had the privilege of hearing Tim Whelan speak. 

  • A church member received a call from a friend who was golfing across the road asking if we could turn the music up. 

  • We explored a new worship element; the improvised responsive singing of scripture.

  • We enjoyed a fantastic meal together (thank you Greg and Sandy Lewis for providing the pork and turkey)

  • We learned some important lessons to help our next outdoor event be even better. 

These are all cool things, and I want to share a couple extras that moved me personally:

There is no sound more beautiful to me than human voices joined together in song.

One of my favorite things to occur when we worship together is when we - the worship leaders - have moments of equilibrium with those we are leading. Moments where it's no longer clear who's leading whom. That happened yesterday during our responsive singing of Philippians 2. I was overcome. I still am!

A close second in the sound category occurred toward the end of the potluck. I was preparing to enter the kitchen and could hear chatting and genuine joyful laughter. I paused and just listened for a moment. Not in a creepy eavesdroppy way, I couldn't even tell you what was being talked about.