Still Reasonable, Rational, and Unafraid

January 5, 2022

Leadership Notes

I trust your holiday, however you celebrated it, was filled with joy. I've talked to people who traveled, stayed home, had a full house, had small, intimate gatherings, did major meal prep, low-keyed it with already prepared food, relaxed, kept busy, and everything else in-between. We have joy wherever we land because Christmas is primarily about the the who, more than any of the other accompaniments.

Two notes as we begin a new year.

First, during these unpredictable months, we will not cancel Sunday worship. Barring some unforeseen natural disaster {ground opening up and swallowing massive pieces of Lenawee County, tidal wave washing away southern Michigan, comet and/or meteor making deep impact with our beloved state}, we will always worship on Sunday morning.

Second, as Covid-19 continues its transition into an endemic, Covenant Church will remain open and accessible for all people. Our plan is to not return to the "15 days to slow the curve" mindset of lockdowns or cancellations. Unless something drastic happens {see above on weather} or our leadership board discerns a change of direction, we will continue to

move forward, embracing the future God has prepared for us.

What that means is we will remain reasonable, rational, and unafraid. We have no prerequisites for attendance at or participation in any church function or events. We respect people's autonomous decisions regarding things like vaccines, masks, social distancing, et al.

Together, we are looking forward to the new year, rejoicing in the Lord always…and again, rejoicing!

And now, your Moment of Spurgeon:

"The believer in Christ should be gentle towards all men with

whom he comes in contact. This is one of the fruits of the Spirit,

and, I may add, a fruit of the Spirit in which many professors are

terribly deficient."

Plus a Bonus Moment {as it fits our theme}:

"God does not purge His children with a view to visit them penalty

for sin; He chastises, but He cannot punish those for whom Jesus

Christ has been already punished."

With Much Love and Affection,


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