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Still Reasonable, Rational, and Unafraid

April 14, 2021

Leadership Notes

- "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" -

My lovely wife and I got our second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot last Friday, April 9, at 1:15 p.m. at the Lenawee County Fairgrounds. It was a smooth operation. I can't say enough about the competence and efficiency of our county health department.

After our shots, we stayed in Adrian for some errands/grocery shopping. Brought burritos from Chipotle home for dinner. Had a normal night.

Got up Saturday and did our normal routine. Lori went for a long walk and did her yoga. I had coffee and watched the news. Around 10:00 a.m., I drove to church to do a few things, got some weed killer {'tis the season} at Martin's, got home, sprayed for weeds, and then started thinking about lunch. Do I still have your interest?

At 12:05, the vaccine side-effects kicked our behinds. After 24 hours with no side-effects, I was feeling confident in our superior biology. Big mistake. All the side-effects kicked in. And then, less than 20 hours later, they were gone. Fascinating. Lori had a similar response when she got a flu shot several years ago. I've never had any side-effects from any previous flu or pneumonia shot. Must be the nature of this beast.

By the way, they gave us a sticker to wear. And no, we did not wear it. Just like we don't wear voting or blood donating or any other kind of signaling sticker. I only share this news with you because I thought it would convey where Lori and I remain…reasonable, rational, and unafraid. We made a decision that we felt was a good decision for us. As always, my expectation is that the people of Covenant Church will make decisions that they believe are the best for themselves and/or their families. All I know for sure is that, in one more week, I'll be a bit more huggable on Sunday mornings!

Staying with this thread, we trust Covenant Church folks will keep us informed of their Covid-related health issues. If you've been exposed to the virus, or are feeling under the weather, we are livestreaming, so you can worship with us from home. That is always a healthy choice!

Speaking of viruses, as we continue to watch as parts of our nation slide into anarchy and chaos, I love this observation from Samuel Sey:

While Jesus hung on the cross, he prayed that God would forgive the

people crucifying him. Since Jesus was so forgiving even in death, why

wouldn't he be just as forgiving in his resurrected life? He prayed for

sinners on the cross, and he intercedes for sinners on his throne.

Also, from Sey - less than one-half of 1% chance of black people getting killed, accidentally or otherwise, during interactions with police officers.

Finally, this Sunday Thought from Mr. T:

"God so loved the world" John 3:16. But I don't think the world loves God!

Isaiah 53:3-7. I mean how can you Love God, but not Love your Neighbor?

There is so much hate in the world right now. How did we get to this


With Love and Affection,


P.S. - As I watch what's happening in our country right now, it drives home the importance of having leaders who unite, not dissemble.

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