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"Spoiler Alert"

July 21, 2021

Leadership Notes

You know when you read something about a television series or a movie and they lead with *Spoiler Alert*? Something is about to be revealed about the plot or outcome that, if you haven't watched it yet, will ruin the ending or twist for you.

I'm issuing an alert for what I'm writing about today. This Leadership Note isn't primarily about the Bible, theology, or church life. It is political, the theme of which can be reasonably argued to include the Bible, theology, and church life as a subset. Proceed with caution!

As I remember it, back in March of 2020, we all {almost all} agreed to certain restrictions/protocols in order to flatten the Covid-19 curve. Not to eradicate it but to slow it down. It's transmission and lethality among certain segments of the population was a given. The goal was to not overrun health care systems and long-term care facilities. Sacrifices were made. Businesses suffered. Children were short-changed a decent education. Deaths in other areas increased because of these restrictions.

Some people drove in their cars, alone, with masks on. Others wore masks to walk down to their mailboxes. Did people think Covid-19 death was lurking around every corner, waiting to pounce? Fear is a heck of a motivator.

Once a little bit of freedom is willingly given up, political/bureaucratic controllers will reach for more. It's not long before the general human proclivity toward statism finds greater footing. We are sinful, fallen people, after all. And a lot of people, it seems, when the stakes are high and the threats looming, prefer more safety and security and less freedom. It's almost like a reasonable trade-off.

Because fascism carries too much baggage, I prefer statism as a better description of the authoritarian nature of governmental rule we are slowly creeping toward. Like the proverbial frog in the kettle, it's something we shouldn't ignore, at our peril.