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Scripture is the Standard

April 28, 2021

Leadership Notes

- Hit Me With Your Best Shot -

{subtext…CHANGE MY MIND}

Here's something I've tried to keep in mind when writing and reading what others write:

Disagreement is not an attack.

Questioning is not an attack.

Challenging is not an attack.

Correction is not an attack.

Debate is not an attack.

If you can't encounter any of the above without feeling attacked, maybe the

public square isn't for you.

- Josh Daws, April 9, 2021

"Green Grass and High Tides" by The Outlaws is the greatest southern rock song of all time.

On the other hand, on Sunday I saw one of those "Pass it On" commercials from The Foundation for a Better Life. It featured John Lennon's song, "Imagine." If this is not the most misguided, uninformed PSA, I don't know what is.

The robin nesting in one of the wreaths on our portico entrance door is the sweetest Spring-thing I've ever seen around here.

Director of Music and Worship, Ben Nichols, has coined my new favorite phrase, "Vaxxed…relaxed…and ready to mingle." I'm in…

A Wheaton College professor has received death threats because he advocated that people get the Covid-19 vaccine. Funny world we live in.

That said, my wife and I weighed the pros and cons and decided on getting the vaccine {Pfizer} that was best for us. I think everyone should decide for themselves, without fear of fallout from either side of the debate.

Charles Spurgeon said, "It is the very joy of this earthly life to think that it will come to an end."

If you're attempting to turn left at a light, and you have pulled into the intersection {which you should do}, and then the light turns red - go. That's perfectly legal. Do not back up. What is wrong with people? Also, it is possible to turn right without swinging out so wide that you cross the yellow center line. Lenawee County drivers…

Last Friday, President Biden participated in an Earth Day summit with over a dozen other world leaders. He was the only one wearing a mask. I should add that he is fully vaccinated and it was a Zoom summit. Some people have a mask fetish.

Christian author Violet Chikuni says, "Scripture is the Standard. Not your Feelings. Not your Emotions. Not your Experiences."

Christian author John Mason writes, "Here's your daily reminder that abortion is murder. No matter what situation caused the conception or circumstance surrounding the birth of the child, abortion destroys a human being at its earliest stage for profit. Millions of image bearers have been killed for convenience."

Here's the gospel - You are saved. Now rest as you imperfectly love God and neighbor.

A related thought - The goodness of God toward the believer is on the basis of His Son, for nothing good dwells in us.

On The Office {G.O.A.T. of sitcoms} Gabe Lewis is creepier than Todd Packer.

Christian musician Zuby says, "The easier you are to scare, the easier you are to control."

As the current administration prepares to announce more programs/ spending, we're at the saturation point of the axiom, "You eventually run out of other people's money." Generational theft is a biblical issue.

Finally, R.C. Sproul once said, "Almost every theological error can be boiled down to one of these two mistakes: 1) Not thinking as highly of God as we ought; or 2) Thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought."

This was fun. Thank you for indulging me!

God is Good All the Time,


Bonus Feature…from Christian Home Schooling Mom Elizabeth@ElizaEll:

As summer flowers we fade and die

Fame, youth and beauty hurry by

But life eternal calls to us

At the cross

I rejoice in my Redeemer

Greatest Treasure,

Wellspring of my soul

I will trust in Him, no other.

My soul is satisfied in Him alone.

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