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Rest in the Gospel

July 1, 2020

Leadership Notes

Our return to in-person worship {June 21} saw about 75 on campus and about 40 real time streamers {though we don't know actual numbers of people, since more than one person could be worshiping from each location}. I love the heart and desire Covenant Church folks have for worship, regardless of the platform. As we've said, live streaming will be with us for a long time. We also know that many more are viewing at a time other than Sunday morning. Regardless of when we worship, let's not forget to give regularly and generously to the mission and ministry of Covenant Church.

Last Friday morning, a fox trotted past my office window. I got a picture. It was a cool moment.

We adjusted well to the election of new church officers. They will be ordained/ installed sometime in July, once we figure out the best way to do it while respecting social distancing.

In a survey of people who were regular worship attenders before the quarantine, nearly two-thirds said they were uncomfortable or very uncomfortable about returning to in-person worship. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Jesus spoke to mobs and about mobs. Mob mentality is never a good thing. The mob feeds on ugliness. You'll never hear a mob marching to the words of Galatians 5:22-23! Real mobs manifest in protests, marches, social media and even news outlets. I'm glad I'm an introvert. Last thing we want is to be part of a mob. Our rally cry is "What do we want? To be left alone. When do we want it? Now!"

Social scientists have noted in recent years the increase of narcissism across our culture. I think some of what we're seeing, in so many different places, is reflective of that.

We've been hearing a lot about black lives mattering. I couldn't agree more…not with the political/social movement, but the truth that all people are precious in God's sight. Does that include unborn black lives?

In one day last week, 3,000 unborn lives were destroyed. And yet, some people were more outraged that a Wendy's was burned to the ground.

Thomas Sowell {If you don't know who he is, you ought to check him out; today is his 90th birthday} said:

"It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation where a baby who is born into the world today automatically has pre-existing grievances against another baby born at the same time, because of what their ancestors did centuries ago."

Voddie Baucham observes:

If we don't know the Bible,

If we don't know doctrine,

If we don't know theology,

It is virtually impossible for us to identify false prophets.

This is why our next sermon series will be on Christian apologetics. Prepare yourself for some deep diving.

Finally, a closing observation by Samuel Sey:

"Christian, don't burden yourself with what social justice ideology demands from you. Instead, rest in what your Saviour has done for you. Social justice ideology is an unending burden no one can bear. Jesus' yoke is easy, and his burden is light. Obey and rest in the gospel."

With Much Love and Affection,


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