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Reflections From the Road

August 30, 2023

Leadership Notes

My wife and I spent the weekend helping move our granddaughter up to Northern Michigan University. Along with her mom, her dad, and her sister, we spent three wonderful days in Marquette. The following are some reflections from the road:

* Reinforced what a great and glorious state we live in. Whether it’s the people you encounter or the beauty of God’s creation, this is a wonderful place to call home.

* Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior call my mind back to Psalm 8. Look it up…Our God is an Awesome God!

* While Lorelei will be sorely missed, her adventure is a blessing. We pray a wall of God’s protection around her.

* Marquette is an eclectic mix of people and attitudes. And that’s a good thing.

* A black bear was seen roaming around the downtown area in the wee hours of Friday morning. I would love for a bear sighting here in Tecumseh. Maybe one captured on our Ring Doorbell.

* Is the Mackinac Bridge one of the top wonders of the United States? It ought to be. Heck, I’ll take it over pyramids and temples to Artemis all day long.

* Not that I’d have any cause to notice, but the Meijer in Marquette has one of the hugest beer sections of any store I’ve ever seen. Cavernous…

* When God gives you 70 and 75 MPH speed limits, you drive 70 or 75 MPH.

* Funny thing, after approximately 5 hours at 70 or 75 MPH, once you have to drop down to 65, it feels like you are poking along. Is that what Einstein meant by the theory of relativity?

* The weather was El Terrifico. While sweltering heat is scheduled for a return engagement this coming week, overall, it hasn’t been too shabby. We have to remember, it’s still summer. And summer months tend to include heat and humidity. Imagine that!

* When traveling with those you love, road trips are a treasure. Hearts and thoughts of these moments don’t fade away…

I’ve always believed that the best place to live is where you’re living now. This flows directly out of Jeremiah 29:4-9. We are blessed beyond measure to be {1} living and {2} loving and {3} worshiping God and {4} serving our neighbors in this particular place, at this particular time. To paraphrase an old song, right here, right now, there’s no place on earth I’d rather be.

And now, Your Moment of Spurgeon:



Yours In This Great Faith,


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