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Ready For Summer to be Over!

September 2, 2020

Leadership Notes

Summer is back…with a vengeance. My wife cautions me about being so surly when it gets hotter and humidder, because the weather is out of our control. I know that intellectually, but spiritually I'm ready for summer to be over. "Go to bed, summer, you have been out of control!"

One of the things we've been carefully attempting to control is our return to in-person worship here at Covenant Church. We have not had a single case of Covid-19 directly related to Sunday morning worship. That is great news. We will continue to encourage folks to wear masks before and after worship. Some are even choosing to do so in the sanctuary, during worship. We will do our best to remain reasonable, rational, and responsible in the weeks and months ahead.

For me, if you took the two sides of a spectrum, the spectrum being where people are at in relation to attitudes/opinions about Covid-19, I'm somewhere in the middle. The middle being halfway between two opposing opinions:

1. Covid-19 is like a death sentence/health apocalypse/shut everything down;

2. Covid-19 is like any other flu virus/being used for political gain/just as hyped as Y2K was 20 years ago.

I'm somewhere between those two. I miss our personal connections on Sunday morning. I miss meeting with people. I miss shut-in communion. I could go on. Bottom line, 2020 might bring a weird Advent season. I hope not. As we look forward to fall, I encourage you to cautiously and carefully consider how you will worship moving forward.

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