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Pastor Richard's End-of-the-Year Wrap-Up

December 21, 2021

{Well seasoned, also may be a bit spicy in parts, but as always, these are my thoughts and no one else's…at least, most of them.}

Well, less than a week before Christmas, and Senator Joe Manchin has let Americans down in his opposition to President Biden's BBB proposal. Who in their right mind could be opposed to Baking Better with Butter? His vegan constituency cannot be that large.

Every dad in America is preparing to assume his post on Christmas morning, giant black trash bag in hand, to quickly dispose of wrappings, ribbons, and bows before they have a chance to hit the carpet, tile, or hardwood floors.

I was really excited to get my Pfizer booster…with six more, my punch card says I get a free toaster! My wife only needs three more, and then she gets eggroll.

Speaking of Covid-19 {we're still stuck at 19, right?}, at this stage of the pandemic, it's clear to me that mandatory vacations are the way forward. It's time to get back to normal. People are tired and stressed out. We can't let the selfishness of a few, dictate the freedoms of the many.

Last Sunday, December 19, we had 111 people in worship. We are looking forward to a joyous Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 5:00. As always, we are careful, cautious, and unafraid. You might want to get here early, if possible. We will continue to livestream. Wherever you're at on the spectrum of concern, we will be worshiping together! God is good all the time.

I can't believe a megachurch in Dallas had a former President in their pulpit the Sunday before Christmas. Weird. At first, I thought it w