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Odds and Ends

December 11, 2019

Leadership Notes

Mid-December Odds-and-Ends:

* My brother and I {he's 8 years younger} were texting the other day about the time our dad burned the Christmas tree in our backyard after taking it down on January 1. It went up in a ball of flames. Almost melted the telephone line running to our house. Fun times. I refer to our father as dad or the old man. My brother usually refers to him by his first name, Larry. I love my little brother.

* Did you see the blurb in last week's Tecumseh Herald by the Adrian Dominicans? They were raising the alarm about Catastrophic Climate Chaos. That sounded vaguely like an episode from the 1960's television comedy Get Smart.

* One family {3 on Thanksgiving, 3 more for the rest of the weekend} …one 23-pound turkey, with proportional sides…gone by Tuesday. Is this a great country, or what?

* While the percentage of Americans attending church is shrinking, the average church size is growing.

* 50% of American churchgoers attend the largest 10% of congregations.

* A recent trend is smaller churches with a huge impact on their communities. Thom Rainer calls these "Scrappy Churches." I love the people of this scrappy ch