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More Notes From the Underground

November 18, 2020

Leadership Notes

{more Notes from Underground}

It is disheartening to read about the newest round of economic shutdowns in Michigan. I am especially concerned about restaurants. The big fast-food chains ought to be just fine. But what about all the locally owned and operated establishments throughout our beautiful state? Think about the burden born by employees…servers and dishwashers…cooks and cleaners…and everybody else in-between. The time between now and when the shutdown will possibly be lifted is a hugely busy time. These are legitimate concerns for the working men and women of our great state.

Here at Covenant Church, we continue to monitor the conditions within our community of faith. People are making reasonable and responsible choices. As always, we are careful, cautious, and unafraid.

Someone near and dear to me talks about "Covid Drama." It's all about painting things in the doomiest-and-gloomiest possible light. You'd better rethink those Thanksgiving plans. Meanwhile, the Governor of California, which has some of the most restrictive policies in the country, was recently at a birthday dinner for a lobbyist/political fixer. All of his mandated protocols were violated. Go figure.

During this pandemic, it's been interesting to me how some folks point to what is or isn't happening in one place, with the assumption that it's only a matter of time before it does or doesn't happen here. But El Paso, Texas isn't Tecumseh, Michigan. All things aren't equal.

I came across a new word to describe an attitude driven by human behavior.


* "Pain catastrophizing is the tendency to describe a pain experience in more

exaggerated terms than the average person, to ruminate on it more, and/or to feel more helpless about the experience."