I could hardly wait to tell you this story! MOPS has a private facebook page, which includes registered moms only, kind of like Augusta National, but not really. Anyway, we had a mom on the page who just had a baby, whom we’ll call “Susie”. MOPS moms were making arrangements to bless her and her family wih dinners. Two weeks of dinners I might add! In the course of conversation, a registered mom in our group, mentioned in a post that she did not recall meeting Susie. Another mom commented that though Susie had been to a meeting, she had not attended regularly. Meanwhile, on behalf of MOPS, Susie was asked if she needed anything else. Diapers? Wipes? Eggs? Bread? In addition, mention was made of a “Clean Share” the MOPS moms were organizing, where they join forces to clean each others homes. Susie was asked if she would like her house cleaned. After this plethora of activity, Susie exclaimed. “Who ARE you people and how do I join your group?” No, Susie was not part of MOPS, but wants in!

Isn’t that just how the love of Jesus is? Contagious. Overflowing. Abundant. Lavish. Extraordinary. Astonishing.

There’s a place for Susie at MOPS. There’s a place for you, too! Whether you are a mother of little ones, desire to serve as a mentor mom, or to shepherd little ones so moms can enjoy a time of respite from the demands of motherhood. We welcome you!

God is Good!

Colleen Ream

Mentor Mom


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