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May God Bless America!

July 1, 2024

Leadership Notes

Lovely People of Covenant Church:

     Whatever you do…wherever you go…staying put or traveling…have a safe and sane holiday week. May we never forget the cost of freedom and the work it takes to maintain it.

     I shared a favorite observation about road trips yesterday. Today, here’s another identifiable anecdote of car trips:

Husband found a parking spot right in front of the packed

aquarium today and immediately was like “this is a parking spot

you’ll remember forever” and has managed to talk about it all day.

Has also said “how about the parking spot though” about 30 times

so far.

     Talking about serendipities to talk about, I can’t talk enough about the wonderful people our Great and Holy God has called to be a part of Covenant Church. I could go on and on {more than 30x} about your love for Jesus, each other, and our community. I can’t say enough about your generosity of time, finances, and talents in letting the light of Christ shine in all we do. Your gifts have an eternal impact on so many lives. We truly are blessed by God.

     Travel safe…Celebrate safe…and May God Bless America!


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