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June 9, 2021

Leadership Notes

{Cue Alice Cooper classic summer anthem.}

My stomach turns into knots whenever I read about the young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy 77 years ago. I can't even begin to imagine how frightened I would have been. While every generation rises to a level of greatness demanded by their situation or circumstance, the men and women who contributed to the defeat of fascism deserve our respect and gratitude.

That being said {and there may be some pushback to this}, I am not particularly outraged that our current President failed to appropriately…in the opinion of some…mark the day.

On another front, I have been putting off watching two WW1 movies, "They Shall Not Grow Old," and "1917" because of the horribleness of that time. I know, I know, all war is horrible, and each one finds a new low for wretched human behavior. I'm a Calvinist. I get it. But this war ushered in a new era of weaponry while maintaining old strategies, in addition to being fueled by royal family feuds and emerging ideologies. On top of that, it set the canvas for the rise of Nazism and the unimagined tragedy of WW2. Such is the stuff of broken people in a fallen world.

And so, with the early church, we cry, "Maranatha!"

I still might put off watching them until fall. For now, I'm enjoying these already warm days of summer. We watch as flowers blossom and grow. God's creative beauty is everywhere. We are anxiously awaiting our three hibiscus plants, which are setting up for their mid-summer to early fall flourish. I heard a new Pure Michigan radio ad narrated by the indomitable Tim Allen. This is a great place to live. But I've always said the best place to live is where you're at with those you love.

Here are two quotes I read this w