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Making the Right Choice [4-18-21]

April 18, 2021

"Making the Right Choice"

One of our granddaughters was once wearing a romper. It was adorable. So I said, "I love your romper." She corrected me. "It's a whomper, Papa!"

Children are funny:

  • After sneaking a sip of mom's Lacroix sparkling water, 5-year-old said, "Ugh…I don't know if I like this carba-naked water, mom."

  • When her 3-year-old asked for Santa milk, mom had no idea what she meant. So she had her show her. Took her to the fridge and pointed to the eggnog.

  • A mom's son kept asking her if she's ever had "cooked menoodles." She has no idea what he was talking about until it dawned on her. He thought ramen noodles were "Raw menoodles."

  • When my brother was about four, our dad had to go to Miami one summer for two weeks. Before he left, my brother asked our dad something about his trip to Yourami.

  • A woman's 3-y