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Living Your Story [10-6-19]

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When I was in High School, Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California was the cutting edge church. By the early 1970s, they were attracting surfers, skateboarders, and people who would normally prefer sitting around a campfire with a guitar singing songs. Calvary Chapel was build on the Vans tennis shoes generation. They were one of the first legitimate churches to bring drums and electric guitars into Sunday morning worship. Calvary Chapel was a hip church before anyone knew a church could be hip.

Calvary Chapel put on huge events where people would talk about their Christian life…where they came from, what they were like before they were born again, and how God is using them now. They were superstars in the pantheon of disciples. Hearing their stories led one to wonder, "Were you really much of a Christian if you didn't have a story like that?" They made it seem like everybody should have a bigger-than-life story to tell.

I was then, and still am, an ordinary guy. I'll never make a name for myself. I'll never have a mesmerizing tale to tell. That's not my vision for a God-honoring life goal. I'll never be known beyond my little corner of God's world.

That's most of us. And that's a good thing. Because for most of us, following Jesus doesn't turn us into a big deal. Most of us, at best, will live our lives as little deals; at best, one level beyond our own families. And that is always a good thing.

A significant life isn't always the most noticed life or the biggest life. A significant life is a life lived for God. It is a meaningful life. The life of Gideon in the Old Testament teaches us some things about how to live a significant life.

For the next seven weeks we're going to look at the lesser known people in the Old Testament and what we can learn from them. When I ask you to think of some of the stories from the Old Testament, I'm sure most of you will mention the Big Three - Abraham, Moses, and David. Their shadows loom large over the Old Testament. But there are also a lot of other men and women we can learn from. Gideon is one of them.

Side note: Gideon is not the patron saint of hotel Bibles. Gideons International is an organization who named themselves after Gideon because they saw some things