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Life is Amazing

January 11, 2023

Leadership Notes

It’s been a while, but following a holiday season hiatus, these weekly churchwide communications are back. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Life is amazing. Through the ups and downs, God is good all the time. Every generation has experiences and challenges that are unique and always changing.

Did you know the ancient Egyptians thought the primary function of the brain was to create mucus? Makes sense.

Did you know the ancient Greeks thought giants once roamed the earth? Someone uncovered mastodon femurs but they had no idea there once were mastodons, hence giants. Makes sense.

Up until the early 1800s, people in Europe were unclear about where the birds all went as the seasons changed. They knew caterpillars turned into butterflies, so they thought perhaps there was some sort of transmogrification process going on. One theory was that birds turned into mice, since mice became more plentiful indoors from fall through winter. Another theory had it that birds hibernated under water. Finally, around 1822, a bird showed up with a wound with the weapon still stuck in it. It was from somewhere south of the equator. Now they knew.

A newly discovered comet will soon orbit close enough to earth to be seen, perhaps with the naked eye. The last time it was visible from earth was roughly 50,000 years ago. Which means it was last seen by Neanderthals. Which means, in my case, since I have a higher percentage of Neanderthal DNA than your run-of-the-mill human being, that perhaps one of my ancient ancestors saw it first. Makes sense.