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Liberated from Legalism pt 17 [8-22-21]

How many of you have done one of those genetic testing programs? Two of the most popular ones are 23&Me and AncestryDNA. They're not an exact science, but what is, really? You do discover some interesting things about your heritage and background. Sometimes people find relatives they knew nothing about. I read about one woman who learned that the woman she thought was her older sister was her mother and the woman she thought was her mother was her grandmother. Sad but true. Weird things families do.

Most people, in most cases, find the discovery fun, informative, and an overall positive experience. Actually, more and more cold criminal cases have been solved through these expanding databases. And the more we learn from this technology, the more appreciation we have for the diversity of our human being-ness. It all reflects the glory of the sovereignty of God.

As I've shared before, I neither like nor agree with the distinctions we

make between the races. I don't talk about it that way. That phrasing will only come up when I'm directly quoting someone. We are one race…the human race…with different cultures and ethnicities. And we are finding out some amazing things about our diversity. Most people in the United States are "mixed-race" {see my previous comment}. For example, the average African American genome is nearly 25% European. 10% of the African American population in the U.S. is more than half European in ancestry. Some of us carry Neanderthal DNA, and some of us don't. Of those who do, I have a higher than average percentage. What a thing to be above average in, right? Finally, look for the blue-eyed people near you. Every blue-eyed person in the world today can trace their ancestry back to a single European who lived about 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea region. Amazing.