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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

March 11, 2020

Leadership Notes

I was checking out a couple of news websites last weekend, and one headline caught my eyes. "Coronavirus Death Toll…" I thought, what the heck? Next weekend is it going to be "Coronavirus Death Watch 2020?" So far, this flu season, there have been 16,000+ reported flu deaths in the U.S. alone. I know there have been deadlier flu seasons, but I don't remember ever seeing a "Flu Death Toll" running count. As for me, I'm going to remain cool, calm, commonsensical, and medically responsible as we deal with this very real health concern. {Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm has an honest, reasonable, rational take on this thing. Google him.} I hope that makes sense to you.

On another front, I voted yesterday. We have already had two weeks of my new adult Sunday School class, "A Civil Faith in Uncivil Times." So, it makes sense to share something I think would be good to laminate and keep on the refrigerator or bulletin board at home. It's from John Wesley, one of the founders of the Methodist Church. He wrote this over 250 years ago:

I met those of our society who had votes in the ensuing election, and advised them, 1. To vote, without fee or reward, for the person they judged most worthy: 2. To speak no evil of the person they voted against: and, 3. To take care their spirits were not sharpened against those that

voted on the other side.

That is still sound advice. Another one is to keep our social media presence encouraging, uplifting, positive, and edifying. A wise person once wrote:

"Dear person passionately pushing your political agenda on

Facebook - Congratulations! You have convinced me to change my

vote. Thank you for helping me see the light. Appreciatively Yours,

No One."

I think the sarcasm is well-placed.

This can sometimes be a difficult, dangerous, confusing world in which to live. It is also beautiful and magically engaging. I have learned it's most pleasing to God when my life is a reflection of His grace and mercy. It doesn't cost us anything to be kind most of the time in most situations. We are so blessed by God. Let's be a blessing wherever we go.

With Much Love and Affection,


P.S. According to recent studies:

* Only 2% of those infected with coronavirus are under 19. Apparently, people under 19 get the coronavirus, but many never get sick.

* In China, 65% of those who died were men over 65 who smoked. Most women over 65 didn't die, because most women over 65 in China don't smoke. It looks like that's the pattern everywhere. Here in America, not as many people smoke, but the second risk factor is obesity. So, there's that.

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