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Leadership Notes

July 31, 2019

Leadership Notes

Thom Rainer is at it again. His weekend post was on "How to Disagree with Your Pastor." It's probably a bit self-serving for me to share it, but not only are these good principles for maintaining a healthy church culture, but they are also good for where you live, work, and play. It's always a good thing to practice healthy relationship principles.

I will leave out the obvious ones {pray first and pray last}. Here are the principles, in no particular order:

· Understand the frequency of the criticism issue. Think of that in terms of your own life…your own family…where you work…how you relate to friends.

· Understand the negative magnification issue. If you get five compliments and one barbed criticism, it's human nature to focus on the one negative.

· Make sure it is absolutely necessary. If it's an issue of preference or not getting something your way, drop it. Unless it's illegal, immoral, or unbiblical, let it go.

· Don't use the old, "People are saying…" ruse. This is the strategy of a coward. You can only speak for yourself. One pastor tells something a retired Army General in his church did. At a meeting, someone said, "People are complaining" about a particular issue. The General slammed his hand on the table and said, "Don't give me people! If it doesn't have a name it's not a problem." Good advice.