Leadership Notes

June 12, 2019

Leadership Notes

Last week's "Leadership Notes" weighed heavy on my heart for days. The 75th anniversary of D-Day reminded us of the sacrifices so many made in the defense of freedom. Greg and Sandy Lewis, Covenant Church members, were there {Normandy} about a week ago. They emailed pictures, which brought everything into clearer focus. I appreciate their thoughtfulness in sharing those pictures.

This week, we won't be diving into something so deep. A simple recap of what happened in worship on Sunday, June 9. It was a glorious morning. The spirit, energy, enthusiasm, and love you bring to worship warms the heart. We had a great morning of worship.

First, our annual "RENEW" celebration was a beautiful thing to see. If you weren't here, or haven't turned in your "RENEW" card yet, you can do it this Sunday, Father's Day, June 16th. The display is still up in the sanctuary, so simply bring your "RENEW" card and add it to the garden. It is a theme fit for summer.

Second, we received 14 new members and celebrated the adult baptism of Lonnie Sibson. The response of the congregation to the baptism was a spontaneous outpouring of celebration. Have I told you lately how much I love you? Sunday mornings here at Covenant Church are such a joy.

Here are the new members received on June 9:

Ø Bob and Marci Miller

Ø Lisa and Lonnie Sibson

Ø Mary Quick

Ø Todd and Beth Graf

Ø Will and Sarah Schafer

Ø Duane and Karen Fry

Ø Janet Champanois

Ø Jack and Linda Pressler

Please welcome them through your prayers and warm greetings.

Be of Good Cheer…Summer is Almost Here,


P.S. Wherever you travel this summer, don't forget to text or email pictures of your adventures!

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