Just Give Me Jesus

May 26, 2021

Leadership Notes

This coming weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Our Sunday morning schedule won't change, although leading into September, we're going to have to consider some possible tweaks. As always, we will keep you fully informed and updated.

This past Sunday, May 23, was a huge milestone for Covenant Church. We had 93 for in-person worship! Pews were tape free. Masks were not required for greeters. The music was so worshipful and the sermon {according to my sources} wasn't half-bad. It was a great morning. As Psalm 122:1 says, "I was glad when they said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord!'" God is good all the time…

We are moving forward, and not looking back. I think that is great advice. It's probably an attitude that would well serve every generation across all demographics and backgrounds and situations in life. I recently read the best articulation of that perspective from none other than Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert:

The High Ground is that looking backwards rarely leads anyone

forward. To thrive in the future, teach success strategies not


Amen and amen!

Then there's this:

God does not need our worship. But we have the divine privilege to

worship Him. Don't waste that privilege…

- Ekkie Tepsupornchai

I love this from Elizabeth@ElizaEll:

Our prayers reveal our heart & what we value.

The desired outcome of our prayers ought to be God's glory.

If the Lord answered all our prayers as we desired them, will our lives be transformed for God's glory or will they just be filled with "stuff"?

May God teach us to pray.

Some of you have reminded me that we haven't heard from Mr. T for a couple of weeks. It was not intentional. His voice remains strong:

I can't thank God enough for His Mercy, His Blessings, His Goodness and His Forgiveness! I have so much to be Happy for, starting with my health and my strength!...My Birthday gift is special; I don't want a party and I don't want a cake, just give me Jesus! "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." Psalm 23:1

May that be our birthday wish for ourselves every year, Mr. T…every year.

And now your Moment of Spurgeon:

"There is no joy in this world like union with Christ."

With Much Love and Affection,


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