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Jesus and the Law - Arrival series [5-17-20]

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In this new series, "Arrival," we're going to look at how, in Jesus Christ, God has given us a transformational language for speaking about ourselves, our world, and our place in the world. He has given us a new way to talk about sin, forgiveness, and purpose in life. It is nothing short of a total reorientation of how we see ourselves and our place in the world.

I want to start with the wrath of God. How can you fully appreciate the depth of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross without understanding sin and the wrath of God? Honesty about our corrupt human nature brings clarity to the transformational power of the cross.

So we're going to talk about sin. But pastor, people don't want to get beat up over their sin. People want to know what the Bible says about success and prosperity. People want to know how to make marriage work or find the right spouse. People want to know how to raise happy kids. People want to know what the Bible says about weight loss or a healthy lifestyle. During the Covid-19 shutdown, a guy watched sermons from 9 of the biggest, most influential churches in America. To get a fair sampling, he watched 4 sermons each. Talk about a Herculean task. He took extensive notes. They covered the first four Sundays of 2020. Ironically, a lot of them promised that, regardless how your 2019 went, 2020 was going to be filled with success and achievement. Beyond that, almost all of them included some of those things I just mentioned.

We're taking the contrarian path for this series. We're kicking things off talking about sin and the wrath of God.

Here's a good place to start. Mark Dever, pastor of a church in our nation's capital, says:

"With His whole nature in combination and harmony, God acts out His own completely consistent opposition to evil. He opposes it with every fiber of His being. And this opposition is His wrath."