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Is your bucket full?

September 11, 2019

Leadership Notes

Summer is hanging on. To paraphrase Michael Corleone from The Godfather: Part III, "Just when we thought the heat was out, late summer pulls it back in." As far as I'm concerned, the longer we go without turning the furnace on, the happier I'll be. My only gripe is the lingering heat is going to spur weed growth, and I am tired of pulling and spraying weeds.

With the start of the school year, I am privileged to be able to read to a new group of kindergartners, every Tuesday, after lunch. I love it. Mrs. Hilton is a great teacher and kind soul. This week's book was about keeping your bucket full. When you are kind, helpful, cheerful and all those other positive attributes, it adds drops of water to your bucket. The opposite makes water slosh out of your bucket, and when your bucket runs dry, negativity, sullenness, and anger weigh you down. But better than anything, when your bucket fills, the extra can make its way into other people's buckets. The kids were good listeners to a good story.

Afterward, on my way over to Musgrove & Co. for coffee, I thought about how that children's book would make a good sermon title: "How Full is Your Bucket?" Galatians 5:22-23 is really the foundation for that idea. God has created us, called us, and released us for that purpose. We are to be buckets full of love, grace, and mercy in His world.

With Love and Appreciation,


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