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Into the Song - Fear Not (How Firm a Foundation)

The song Fear Not is based on the old hymn How Firm a Foundation. Below is my reflection on the words of this song:

The Bible is enough. It is enough to teach you about God, His nature, His love for you and the lengths to which He has gone to secure your eternity. What more does one who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior actually need?

No matter what condition your life is in; sick, healthy, poor, rich, safe at home, out in the world, mountain, jungle, desert or ocean, God is all the strength you require.

Don’t be afraid, God is with you. He will not leave you, discard you, or give up on you. He will stand you up in the midst of whatever life throws at you and protect and support You with His all powerful hand.

God is with you. Don’t be afraid.

He will call you out into the deep rushing waters where no human can safely walk. Yet even there, though fear and death surround you, He will guide you, strengthen you and use your trials