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In Celebration of True Diversity [10-18-20]

The world loves to talk about diversity. If you haven't had a seminar or meeting or a memo on diversity, do you really work for an American company? Many colleges require diversity appreciation courses in order to graduate. Growing numbers of schools, corporations, and organizations have "Chief Diversity Officers." The world carries the banner of multiculturalism and diversity - but too often, for reasons that have nothing to do with Jesus.

As we'll do today, any conversation about diversity must be shaped by and rooted in the Bible.

We should always remember that, in any discussion about multiculturalism and diversity, it's not primarily about us, but it is about God. God gets more glory when there is diversity than when there is not. There would be nothing worth celebrating if we were all one single, monolithic society. That is not what the Bible teaches. In enjoying and celebrating our diversity, our greatest joy should not be in the different kinds of food or clothing or even different types of people who are not like us. These are all gifts from God for us to enjoy. They are good. But we find our highest joy in seeing God's glory reflected and captured in new and beautiful ways.

The greatest good of multiculturalism is seeing more of God.

So, diversity. Let's dive in.

First, a truth about diversity and the Christian faith:

Christianity is the most ethnically and culturally diverse religion the world has ever known.

That is an unarguable fact. As a side note, throughout this message, I will not talk about racial distinctives or differences. There are not different races. We are one race…the human race. Within the family of God there are cultural and ethnic differences. And it is a beautiful thing.