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Imperfectly Praiseworthy [3-20-22]

How many of you would agree there's no such thing as a perfect church? How many of you would agree there's no such thing as a perfect pastor? There's no such thing as a perfect Christian? We are all imperfect. So it makes sense there is no such thing as a perfect anything. We all fall short of the standard for perfect holiness that God has set.

Having said that…no perfect church…no perfect pastor…no perfect people…nowhere in the history of churches has there ever been a church that manifests perfectly all that God desires for His church…having said all that, it is still possible to be a faithful, obedient, diligent, and pleasing to God church.

As we've looked at the seven letters to seven churches in The Revelation to John, we've seen that four churches get mixed reviews, two get nothing but praise, and one gets absolutely trashed. Today's letter, to the church at Philadelphia, is praised. But as we'll see, they were imperfect. Because the point isn't to be a perfect church. No one can be perfect. The point is to be a faithful church. A faithful church.

Philadelphia was a lot like Smyrna. Smyrna was the other church where there were no warnings, no condemnations, no threats, or no judgments. Like Smyrna, the letter to Philadelphia was free from condemnation or any type of criticism at all.