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Hold Fast to the Narrow Road of Gospel Obedience

May 4, 2022

Leadership Notes

Last Sunday {May 1} we looked at the not-quite-aptly named "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" of chapter 6 of The Revelation to John. Somewhere along the line someone called them that…not the author…and it stuck. I don't like it, and I only use it to point out how sometimes people get carried away with the imagery and description on the book. Bring up this chapter, and eventually, the conversation will get flighty and fanciful. As we'll continue to see in our exploration of The Revelation to John, it is less "Harry Potter" and more coded affirmation of God's sovereignty directing the trajectory of history as well as an exhortation for us to remain devoted followers of Jesus Christ in the midst of all kinds of trial, tribulation, and triumph.

As an added reflection on the white horse and its rider, the timing of current events couldn't have been perfecter this week. The first rider represents the movement of government/military authority to pacify and rule over people. It does this coercively and through promises of protection and provision, as well as deception. The white horse and its rider also represent a false sense of security. It is a dire warning against compromise with the culture for a sense of peace. Every generation, in every culture, is tempted to trade the sacrificial nature of following Jesus down the narrow road of obedience for a little comfort and security. This was especially palpable for the first century believers to whom John was writing.

And these words are for us, today.

Let's start with the affirmation that abortion is sin. For us, as devoted followers of Jesus Christ, it is a theological issue before it is a political issue. It is the shedding of innocent blood. Either babies in the womb are image bearers of God and worthy of dignity and life, or they are not. {See Genesis 1:27,31 & Psalm 139:16}

Politically, abortion continues to be divisive. We are not a Christian nation. We are a culture and a people broken by sin and selfishness. We see the wickedness that is all around us and in our own hearts and actions. Without repentance and the grace of God we, too, would be lost in our sin. We have been set aside by God, in our little corner of His marvelous crea