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Hidden Gems [1-15-23]

January 15, 2023

James 1

"Hidden Gems"

Satan wants people to believe the wrong things about God and do the things that aren't pleasing to God. So many of the New Testament letters address these very issues. The point is to keep Christians anchored in right belief and practice.

Most of these letters have a targeted audience, dealing with specific issues. That's why we would never expect a single letter to cover all the important issues Christians face.

For example, in our series on Thessalonians, we saw how, in 1 Thess-alonians, Paul talked about the return of Jesus Christ. 2 Thessalonians included a corrective because some in the church quit contributing because they thought Jesus was going to return at any moment. Paul's letters ran the gamut from practical advice to deep theology.

James is no different. James gives us theology. His theology of suffering is profound. He explores sin and temptation and human depravity. He explores the wickedness of demonic evil. Remember, Jesus was James' brother. In his spiritual transformation, James delves into an exhaustive theology of Christ. He uses the word kurios eleven times. Jesus is "Lord" to James. In fact, James calls him the "Lord of Glory." Jesus is his brother and he is more than his brother. Jesus is the source of truth and light. Jesus is the One who directs us in the God-honoring choices we make.