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He Knows Your Name [3-29-20]

Click the video to play.

Worship begins at around the 7 minute mark and the sermon begins around 27 minutes in.

Jesus called Mary by name. She watched him die. She watched them take his body and place it in the tomb. She knew a rock had been placed to close the opening to the tomb. Three days later she thought she was talking to a gardener. But then he Jesus called her by name. And she answered, "Rabboni," which literally means "my dear rabbi."

Mary had heard his voice in life. And now she hears it in death. I wonder what it would have been like to hear the voice of Jesus. If you are a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, he has called you by name. Just because you didn't audibly hear him call your name, he has called you by name.

The moment Jesus called her by name, Mary knew it was him and she believed he had been resurrected.

What must it have been like for Mary to hear Jesus' voice, after she had seen him die? I've never heard Jesus' voice. But for us, that's not the most important thing. Have you, through his words in the Bible, heard that Jesus wants to be involved in every circumstance of your life? Sometimes we forget, don't we? We go through parts of our day where we've stopped listening to Jesus Christ speaking our name in every circumstance. We have a momentary lapse of reason, where we forget he wants to be personally involved in our circumstances. That's where moments of fear or despair or worry come from. Jesus wants to be involved in what you're facing. When you spend time in prayer and reading the Bible, you hear Jesus speak your name in every circumstance. It usually happens a little bit at a time. A little more tomorrow than yesterday. A little more this month than last month. That's the good news. We grow in confidence and joy as we hear Jesus Christ speak our name.

Here's something you might want to remember: